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Taylor Maxwell Timber

Leeds base (Nationwide)

Taylor Maxwell is a Leeds-based supplier of wooden flooring, offering a wide variety of product specifications to customers across the globe.

Next-day delivery

We pride ourselves on our business culture and quality of service, which often means doing our best to fulfil complicated orders within small timeframes. We rely heavily on Gilbraith to provide this service, and they always work hard to ensure we keep our customers happy. In our business, that's a crucial element in staying ahead of the competition.


Gilbraith handles our stock effortlessly. We bring in wooden flooring from all over the world, then Gilbraith unload the trucks, label and store it in an efficient way, and then have products back on the road as quickly as we ask for them. Their warehousing systems make everything easier for us and allow us to provide the best service to our customers.

Personal service

We have a fantastic working relationship with Gilbraith. They really understand the way we work and they will always put every effort into ensuring we offer a slick operation. "We feel valued by Gilbraith." They're always on the other end of the phone when we need them.

The Gilbraith difference

It might be a cliché, but service levels are the most important part of keeping our customers happy. Knowing that we can rely on Gilbraith to work quickly and smartly to fulfil our orders means we can secure business by making brave promises and earn repeat orders by keeping them.

Most valuable service

No two businesses can work together for five years as we have with Gilbraith without occasional hiccups, but having friendly, helpful employees just a phonecall away means we can resolve any issue quickly and without hassle. These are the little touches that put us in a better position to win new business.

"We feel valued by Gilbraith."
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Bolton Road Freight Terminal
Great Bolton Street
Blackburn, Lancashire, BB2 3RA

T: +44 (0)1254 581727
F: +44 (0)1254 661446